Welcome to Williams Registered Longhorn Ranch

About Us

The Williams Ranch was established in beautiful East Texas where rolling green meadows combine with tall pine trees. When we decided to raise cattle, were drawn to the Texas Longhorns for their majestic beauty, hardiness, resistance to disease, ease in calving, and gentle disposition.

In the beginning, we found a local longhorn breeder, Kurt Twining and picked out five eat-out-of-your-hand gentle Longhorns. We took them home and put them in a corral within the pasture to acclimate them to their new surroundings. I had never seen a cow jump a barbed wire fence without touching the top wire, but two of them did. The others broke the gate and joined the jumpers. They found a weak spot in the old pasture fencing and escaped. After hours of coaxing, we managed to lure them back in with food. I repaired the fence and thought we were good. The next day we got the phone call with the four words a cattle rancher never wants to hear, "YOUR COWS ARE OUT"! We again lured them back in and fixed the fence a second time. Elizabeth became frustrated and said to tell Kurt not to cash that check, we are bringing the cattle back! On the third day, we got the dreaded phone call again. This time the cattle had crossed a major Farm to Market Road and settled in with local ranchers Angus herd about one mile away. He agreed to keep them while we replace the whole section of old fencing. So much for that peaceful lifestyle. In the end, we managed to keep them contained and they established their own herd.

Our first herd sire, ST Silver Keely. We had purchased an interest in PCC Front Runner, who has sired most of our calves to date. Kurt and I have partnered up with two of his bulls, ST Heart Ache and ST Heart Throb; the sons of Kurt’s bull ST Heartbreaker. Both bulls calved in May of 2018 and have incredible color and horns. ST Heart Ache is our current herd sire. Our 2021 spring calves have various amazing colors. Since the beginning, we have regularly attended Texas area auctions and sales. We have purchased many promising heifers and cows that we believe have improved our herd's productivity and genetic makeup.

We now have 140 acres and more than 50 head of Registered Longhorn cattle. We are members of the Camp County Cattlemen’s Association, Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, International Texas Longhorn Association, Registered Texas Longhorn Beef Producers, and the Pittsburg/Camp County Chamber of Commerce. Our Longhorn program includes selective breeding, clean pastures, quality hay, and clean water for overall longhorn health.